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  Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen

Hey superbad dudes! We welcome you to the #1 Seth Rogen Fan Site on the internet! Seth Rogen is one of the up and coming actor/producers in the business. Seth Rogen will rock your socks off.

Welcome to the Seth Rogen Biography page.

Seth Rogen
(born April 15, 1982) is a Canadian actor, comedian, and Emmy-nominated writer.

He began his career doing standup comedy for four years during his teens, coming in second place in the Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest when he was sixteen. After moving to Los Angeles, Rogen landed supporting roles in Judd Apatow's two critically acclaimed network television comedies, Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared (the latter of which also hired Rogen as a staff writer). Both shows were cancelled after one season.

After landing as a staff writer on the final season of Da Ali G Show, for which he and the staff received an Emmy nomination, Rogen was guided by Apatow toward a film career. Rogen was cast in a major supporting role, and credited as a co-producer, in Apatow’s directorial debut The 40 Year-Old Virgin. After receiving many good notices for that performance, Universal Pictures agreed to cast Rogen as the lead in Apatow’s next directorial feature, Knocked Up.

Rogen has appeared in the films Donnie Darko, You, Me, and Dupree and Fanboys, in addition to the Apatow-produced comedies Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Superbad (a semi-autobiographical comedy Rogen originally intended to headline years ago, co-written by Rogen and Evan Goldberg). Rogen also wrote the screenplay for another comedy which Apatow helped co-produce, Owen Wilson's Drillbit Taylor.

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